Gloucester Township Education Association

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The Gloucester Township Support On Site (S.O.S.) program is a confidential, pressure free environment where novice teachers can gather to learn, share, problem solve, reflect, and gain confidence. Newly hired experiences teachers will also be provided with on-going support as they transition into a new building. Meeting as a group, a smooth transition, will be accomplished under the guidance and support of a building S.O.S. facilitator.

**The SOS Program originated in Gloucester Township in 2002 and has become a model for schools throughout New Jersey. The first official SOS group attained tenure in 2005. All of the participants remain educatior and one has been recognized as Teacher fo the Year.

During the first four years, the SOS Program has become a lifesaver for the teaching professioin in Gloucester Township. In the spring of 2006, the program was featured on the NJEA Emmy award-winner television show, Classroom Close-Up, NJ.